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About Roosevelt


Roosevelt Cordova, also known as “El Presidente de la Salsa," a Peruvian singer bringing back the old-school singing technique, with a unique and creative freestyle. Giving him high notoriety through the Southern California salsa scene. To many, he is considered the best Sonero in Los Angeles, singing titles such as “Asi Son Las Mujeres” (El Gran Combo) “Lluvia” (Willie Rosario) “Llore” (Hector La Voe) “Llego la Hora’ (Jimmy Bosch) adding his touch.  

Born in 1972 in Lima, Peru, growing up listening to many of the great salsa bands of those times and learning from his grandmother the art of rhyming and quick thinking. Through the years his passion for music was always present and performed for friends and family gatherings every chance he had. His first exposure to the stage at a higher level was at the age of 17, participating in the contest “Buscando un Sonero” (the search for the Next Sonero) in Lima, Peru obtaining 3rd place among 126 participants. Shortly after, Reynaldo Menacho (Owner of Orquesta Camaguey) from Peru, showed interest in Roosevelt and asked his father if he would allow him to become part of his well-known group. His father refused the offer at the time because he felt Roosevelt was too young to get exposed to the showbiz environment and wouldn't handle the risk associated with the business at such an early age.  

At the age of 25, after several years of professional soccer, Roosevelt felt he still needed to follow his music calling and decided to relocate to Southern California. The beginning of his singing career in Los Angeles was with a Cuban band called Sonora Santiaguera in 1999 at small Cuban events in the area. Soon after, he decided to record a Criollo Music CD interpreting cover songs from famous Peruvian artists as a small tribute to his roots. Yet, he continued to play with various bands in Los Angeles. In 2004, “El Presidente” participated in the 24th “Festival de la Canción Latino Americana” contest in San Francisco and won 1st Place singing “El Cantante” (Hector La Voe).  

In May of 2005, he became the lead singer for the well-known Jonny Polanco y Su Conjunto Amistad band where he had the opportunity to back up many artists such as Ray De La Paz, Frankie Vazquez, Jimmy Bosch, Herman Olivera, Tito Nieves, Michael Stuart, Frankie Morales, and Tito Puente Jr. who also took Roosevelt as the lead singer for a tour within the US. With the band, he performed at the 2007 Hollywood Bowl's Playboy Jazz Festival. In the same year, he had the opportunity to share the stage with Prince several times at his Las Vegas Show. In 2008, Roosevelt became part of Angel Lebron y Su Sabor Latino band for two years backing up Tony Vega, Frankie Morales, and Marlon Fernandez. He then moved as the lead singer for Conjunto Afro-Son for a year doing backup for Herman Olivera, Yolanda Rivera, Tony Vega, Domingo Quinones, and Lalo Rodriguez. In 2011, Gary Eisenberg and Adam Roundquist asked Roosevelt to formally become the lead singer for Conjunto Oye and has been performing in many events throughout Southern California. Independently, he also did backup for Cheo Feliciano, Michael Stuart, Luisito Carrion, and Jose Alberto “El Canario”. The experience of working with so many great artists has allowed him to become a well-known salsa singer in Los Angeles.


Throughout his L.A. career, Roosevelt recorded songs for a few local bands in Los Angeles:

  •  Johnny Polanco y Su Conjunto Amistad- Project “Amistad Para El Mundo Entero” 

  • The Echo Park Project - "Salsa Y Control"

  • The Echo Park Project - "Gladys y Manolo"

  • The Echo Park Project - "Se Traba"

  • The Echo Park Project - "Salsera"

  • The Echo Park Project - "Yo Soy La Rumba"

  • The Echo Park Project - "Sal y Pimienta"

  • The Echo Park Project - "Agitando"

  • Angel Lebron y Su Sabor Latino - “Sun, Sun, Babae"

  • Angel Lebron y Su Sabor Latino - “Y Tu Loco Loco" 

  • Angel Lebron y Su Sabor Latino - "Avisale a mi Contrario"

  • Guapacha - “Paraiso y Dulzura"

  • Guapacha - “Ven Rumbero"


Today, “El Presidente” has a few singles composed by him with the assistance of several great musical arrangers


  • “Un Nuevo Cantante” by Jose Madera

  • “Lo Logre” by Oscar Hernandez

  • “Ejemplo de Valentia” by Arturo Solar

  •  "Llego La Navidad" Pedro Bermudez

  • "Pa' Ponerte a Gozar" is a tribute to the Great Jose "Papo" Rodriguez, by Javier Fernandez

  •   A cover song from Mexican singer/composer Joan Sebastian  "Sentimental" by Carlos Garcia

Available on all platforms, and already generating audiences around the world. 

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